Snowicane 2010 Time Lapse (Sort Of)

I set up my camera on the roof here in Brooklyn, hoping to catch a time lapse of the snow drifting.  What I didn't count on is that the Snowicane would actually drift OVER my camera:

Fortunately, the camera was in my new modified Pelican case, (I drilled a huge hole in the side for my wide angle 10mm lens, and added a power cord to run my Nikon D90):

The camera stayed nice and dry:

Here's the last frame the camera took this morning (after I cleaned the lens off)

Here's the video, starting at about 3am Thursday, and finishing up at about 8am this morning, one frame each minute.  I cleaned the lens off a few times:

I have to figure out how to keep the snow off the lens for next time...

Here's why it's a Snowicane (click for higher res version):

The pressure at the center of this thing was equal to a Category 2 hurricane!

I went out skiing this morning in Prospect Park:

More photos here.