Outdoor Shows and Severe Weather

Haven't been writing here much because this has been the summer of projects that I can't talk about (yet)...  In the meantime:

I've done a lot of outdoor events, like the Tribeca Film Festival "Drive In" (for which I've designed the sound system for many years), the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic Parks tour, and many others.  I like these events because being both a sound and weather geek, they make things interesting from both perspectives. 

I've also documented here a number of weather-related show disasters (and show-related weather disasters), such as a tornado taking out a lighting rig in Peurto Rico, a severe thunderstorm blasting the Delfest stage, a band called Burning Windsor actually getting rolled in their van by a massive F4 tornado in Mississippi, hurricane-force winds blowing down a massive tent at the Virgin Galactic roll out in the desert, and a Guns n' Roses stage in Brazil getting hit by a severe storm, causing a collapse.  (Note: a couple of the videos in these entries (especially the ones showing stages collapsing) got taken down.  I've found replacements for some, but not all of them, and this is a good reason to check this blog regularly or subscribe to my RSS feed!)

One producing organization will not likely suffer any of these fates: Kansas' Symphony In The Flint Hills.  The Meteorological Musings Blog has a write up (and photos, like the one at right) of how seriously this festival takes the weather--they actually have forecasters on site throughout the concerts!