Brooklyn Snowstorm Time Lapse

Got 7" here in Windsor Terrace (make sure the HD button is pressed to get the best resolution):


One second here equals one hour of real time, starting at 8pm last night through about 10am today.

I also did a bit of skiing out in Prospect Park with a friend, some photos with my new Nikon P7000 here:

The P7000 replaces my P6000, which is my "little" backup for my D-90. These shots were done in NRW/RAW mode.  I just got this camera the other day, and last night I updated the firmware from V1.0 to V1.1, which claimed it would increase RAW aquisition time, and it did.  Timing with a stop watch, exposures with V1.0 firmware averaged about 4.6 seconds; after the firmware upgrade, I timed out an average of about 2.6, which (if my math is correct) is a 77% improvement in speed!