Yet Another Brooklyn Snow Storm Time Lapse

OK, I love snow and winter but this is getting to be a bit much.  We still had 6' tall piles of snow on my block before this storm.  Anyway, here's the time lapse, starting yesterday morning after the little surprise snow storm that was supposed to be flurries, through the rain and sleet, and then through the insane snowfall rates overnight.  One second equals one hour. (Make sure the HD button is on for best quality).


Last night was the maiden voyage for my newest addition to my time lapse setup: a waterproof fan to blow the snow away from the lens, to keep the snow from burying the camera (see this video from last year for an example of the camera getting buried).  It worked pretty well considering how wet this snow was (is).  Here's a shot early in the storm, and another before sunrise:

We did get out for some nice (but sticky) cross country skiing in Prospect Park, though:

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