San Jose Del Cabo up to La Paz

I started off yesterday at the beach near the very nice (and affordable!) Marisol Boutique Hotel:

And then headed over to the Estero San Jose, on the recommendation of lovely Marisol, who works at the eponymously named hotel (owned by her family) and also coincidentally happens to be a very good photographer:

There were tons of birds there, including two big herons:


I then drove up the one road to Todos Santos, parts of which (under construction) look like this:

I had an amazing shrimp taco from a street vendor.  They were setting up for a show there:


I hit the road again, passed through some sort of military check point, although I'm still not sure what they were looking for--the didn't speak English.  They did have big guns, so I didn't take any pictures. The road from here was very nice, and to the side is just this to the horizon:

I made it to La Paz and wandered around a bit:

Looking for dinner I found some sort of town beauty pageant, as part of a carnivale:

All the girls rode past some sort of committee:

And then they had a big, very well produced show.

They had various acts and talent contests with people selected from the audience,each of whom seemed to be supporting one of the beauty pageant contestants:

I guess the winner was determined by these ballot boxes:

But I was too tired to stick around to see who won...

Lots more photos here (including technical show geekery--all the sound and lighting equipment looks familiar but is from brands I've never seen).  Off today to see whales in Magdelena Bay!