Espiritu Santo Island, Baja

Part II of my trip to Baja (part I here) with the excellent outfitter Mar y Adventuras was to the amazing and beautiful Espiritu Santo island:

We did some kayaking around the island also got to go twice to the incredible Los Islotes island where there is a permanent sea lion colony that is very comfortable with humans.  This was my first time snorkelling but it won't be my last!  A playful baby sea lion bit onto my leg pretty good but it was fine.

When I got back to La Paz it was right in the middle of Carnivale.  I saw the beauty queen crowned the other night:

This guy must be the Billy Mays of Mexican blanket vendors:

I head back shortly to San Jose del Cabo, and then back to LA tomorrow for the big geekout on the 22nd, please join me! I'll put videos up when I get home, many more photos of this part of the trip here.