Surprise Storm Chase in Mississippi and Alabama

I was on my way from San Antonio yesterday towards Asheville, and decided to take a look at the Gulf near Gulfport, MS.  I wasn't really expecting to chase storms so I didn't have all my stuff setup, but I was watching on Radarscope.  I stuck my toe in the gulf and then saw storms go severe north of me.   There's a lot of tall forests in this area so I wasn't figuring to chase them, but then the emergency alert broadcast cut into the radio station with a tornado warning, so I figured I'd go for it  I got stuck in traffic in Gulfport and missed the first storm, but I did see another forming up near Wiggins, Mississippi:

(That's not a tornado but it sure was trying!)

And I chased this through the trees to near Citronelle, Alabama, where I found a clearing in the pine forest:

Here it had formed into a weak supercell--that tubular cloud from left to right is inflow into the weakly rotating, severe-warned storm:

According to spotter network, I was the only person on this storm, so I got to file my first two spotter reports!  More photos here.