Case Studies and Geekout During Infocomm

We had a great case study session on Thursday night!  More than 20 people--control geeks from around the world--jammed the at Kelley Technologies boardroom, and the presentations were all fascinating.  I completely forgot to video the sessions, but I did get a few pictures of the assembled crowd:

The informal nature made for a really fun, casual Q&A. 

Afterwards we had a couple fun go kart races:

(That's me in #35)

Pole Position go karts was very badly managed (we won't be there again), so we ended up very late to the bar, but we did meet one person stopped by after his show at Cirque.

Special thanks to Kevin Ruud for being such a generous host!  We're already planning for the next session in Orlando; watch the show control mailing list next spring for the call for presentations!

At the airport now, heading home shortly...