Space Shuttle Enterprise Travelling Through Jamaica Bay

I got pictures of the shuttle Enterprise landing, so Liz K and I headed back to Jamaica Bay to watch the shuttle move on a barge from Bergen Basin to the Hudson. We waited a long time for the barge to appear outside of Bergen Basin, and then literally hours for it to start heading south (I swear, chasing storms was easier than this--at least you can see the storm on the radar!).  Then it finally got underway down between Broad Channel and JFK Airport:

Then they opened the A train bridge to let it through:

It was a remarkable display by the tug captains, against a westerly wind and a strong incoming current::

We watched from the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge as it passed under:

And it was a joyous mob scene all along the north side of Rockaway:


And they raised the Gil Hodges Bridge to let it through, as it sailed off towards the sunset:

More photos here.