In Honor of the Loser's Lounge 20th Anniversary: Photos From 19 Shows!


I've been going to the Loser's Lounge since 2004, and in 2009, I started shooting the shows.  I've been posting photo highlights of those shows here on this site, but now, in honor of the Loser's 20th anniversary, I have uploaded all the photos I've taken--19 shows--to my Facebook photography page (click "Photos" and then "Albums" to see all the shows).  

Looking at those photos going back four years is also a fascinating history of the evolution of my camera technology too--I started out with a point and shoot camera and my camera phone, then went to a Nikon D90 (my first DSLR), then to a Nikon D7000, and most recently to a Nikon D600.  The low-light quality of those early D90 shots was amazing to me at the time, now they look terrible compared to the big, full frame D600.  It's been a fun ride!

The 20th show next weekend (and future shows) I'll be putting over on my Facebook photography page.  Please like my page for at least one new photo (storms, bands, NYC, etc) each day!