Superstorm Sandy's Old Inlet Breach on Fire Island

Superstorm Sandy overwashed Fire Island in many places, and breached the island in at least two spots. One breach, in Smith Point County Park, has already been filled, but the other one took place inside the National Park Service Otis Pike wilderness area at the "old inlet", and it's been left, at least for now.  (There's some talk about filling it in, homeowners west of the breach used to be able to drive down the beach during the winter, but no more).  The park service has some great info here, and Charles Flagg of Stony Brook has a great write up here (PDF).  Here's before and after aerial photos from the Park Service;


Here's my photos from today.  This first one is looking west across the breach:

This is the overwash adjacent to the breach:

This dock used to connect to a boardwalk over the dunes;

This will be fun to kayak!

More photos here.