April 2016 Storm Chase

Our spring break at Citytech this year was very late, and I was very burned out. However, when the Storm Prediction Center predicted strong storms in prime great plains chase territory during my break, I bought a plane ticket and headed out.  I ended up driving over 1800 miles in the typical bizarre back and forth route which looks crazy when you're not looking at the weather radar:

I flew into Dallas Monday April 25 and then headed north to get in position for Tuesday. Tuesday was a difficult target decision since there was a broad area of severe weather forecast, but I ended up in southern Kansas on one of the only tornado-warned storms in the northern side of this large system.  When the storm lined out I outran it and headed east to Joplin, Missouri to get in position for the Wednesday weather, but that ended up moving too far too fast, so instead I went to the amazing Crystal Bridges art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, and then headed back west to Tulsa in time for a screening of Purple Rain.  Thursday I headed back west towards the area south of Amarillo, and chase that area ending up in Vernon, Texas.  Friday, I was supposed to head home but the threat of severe weather at the Dallas airport meant that I was able to delay my flight home by a day and chase Friday, and I ended up chasing all across southern Oklahoma, ending up back in Texas to fly home Saturday morning. So while I didn't see any tornadoes I did see a lot of really photogenic, severe storms and below are the results.  I'll be selling these in my Etsy shop soon.

Full geo-tagged set posted here.