Las Vegas 2016 Show Control Case Studies and Geekout Wrapup!

Jim Janninck's and my (now-annual) Geekout during Infocomm this year was probably the best yet!  About 40 people came and watched three great presentations and then we had our own private bowling lanes with food and drink at Gameworks, courtesy of (and a special thanks to) Bob Athey of ATI!

First up was Liz Swaffield of Electrosonic, with a great presentation on the The Hunger Games Exhibition.  

Next up was Kurt and Kristin Kroh of Krotech, who talked about the technology (and politics) of a private fourth of July show.

Frank Ruisch of Nightlife Productions unfortunately was delayed and was not able to make it in time, so Scott Harkless jumped in at the last minute and worked through Frank's presentation.

And Shengu Zhang of Thinkwell won my book giveaway!


Unfortunately, once the bowling and drinking and eating started I put my camera in the car, so I don't have any photos of that.

Special thanks to Kevin Ruud for being our point person on the ground in Vegas!

All the geekouts are archived on this category, and I have more photos here.

We plan to be back next year during Infocomm in Orlando, be sure and watch this space (and the show control email list) for the announcement!