Storm Chasing To Vegas!

I go each year to the Infocomm (professional A/V) show, which alternates between Vegas and Orlando.  This year my plan was to fly to Vegas as soon as my classes ended, rent a car, drive back across the mountains and chase for 10 days and then head back to Vegas for the show.  But watching the weather, I could tell we were heading into a dry spell so the day before I was supposed to fly I cancelled my flight (on points any way) and decided to drive out! So I ended up with this 8,162 mile route (path generated using a GPS Trackimo):

It was a long trip, and while the weather didn't fully cooperate (I was stuck grading my final exams while some of the best chasing occurred in May), I did get some decent photos (see gallery below).  I also visited the amazing Meow Wolf in Sante Fe, and visited a bunch of family along the way and down in Maryland where I wrapped up my trip.  Click on any photo for a larger version; many more pictures on my Instagram feed here.

And here's a little sped up dash cam video showing what it was like chasing that SD shelf cloud.

And here you can actually see the shelf cloud generating "out of thin air".  I never get tired of watching these storms!