Storm Chase May-June 2017

I had my last class on May 24 and then immediately headed south for my sister's wedding in Asheville, NC.  That was a great weekend, and since I was so far west, I had planned afterwards to head out for storm chasing.  Although the forecast was pretty marginal, I headed out anyway.  

I ended up driving a total of over 4200 miles, and basically saw a couple rain storms and a little hail.  All my prep worked out great, my car worked great, and even the cell phone signal booster I bought at a Radio Shack closing sale worked great.  I saw everything I could have seen; I did get on several severe thunderstorms and even got on the only tornado warning of the time.  But the problem with storm chasing is that you have to have storms to chase and with the "death ridge" firmly in place, it just wasn't worth it, so last Saturday I started heading home, getting home Monday.  

The sad thing is that this is now my third chase trip in a row where I didn't even see a supercell. I never get lonely when I'm on storms but this was a lonely trip; I have think for the future whether these longer trips are worth it or it's worth instead just saving up money and flying in when things look active.