Orlando 2019 Show Control Geekout during Infocomm! Special Time Code Edition


After a hiatus in 2018, the Geekout is back!  

Admission is free and all are welcome. Please register here.

This year we’re doing a special discussion on time code and show synchronization. After a brief introductory presentation to kick things off, we are planning a moderated discussion amongst all attendees on topics like:

  • Do we still need SMPTE Time Code?

    • What are its advantages?

    • What are its drawbacks?

  • Can we just sync systems and let them run wild?

  • What about PTP?

  • Can we put time code on a network?  

  • What about SMPTE’s new TLX effort?

  • What is the future of time-based show synchronization?

I hope to record the session and eventually turn it into a blog or article.

The session will be Thursday, June 13 2019 from 6-7:30 at Alcorn McBride’s shiny new headquarters at 6488 Currin Drive Orlando, FL 32835

Social activity afterwards to be announced later.