Squarespace 6 Not Ready for Primetime

I've been running this site on Squarespace since 2008.  Recently, I upgraded from Version 5 to Version 6, and I'm starting to regret it.  V6 was in beta for a long time, and I figured by the time it was released it would be ready to go.  But I have found (and reported) a number of outright bugs, and have suffered an enormous amount of importing errors, when porting over the site from V5.  These errors include deletion of documents and media that had been on the site for years, and many other formatting problems.  I'm wasting an enormous amount of time working on these issues, but if you find a broken link or something that's not working please send me a message using the submit form to the left, even though you can't see the "submit" text (I've reported that and there's no way to change it, currently).