Grand Central Holiday Lights

For a number of years, Grand Central has put on a holiday light show.  The first time I saw it, it was a laser show with two little computer speakers done by Science Faction.  Then Scharff Weisberg used moving video projectors for another version of the show (videos here). I don't know what happened, but the terminal decided to move back to film, and for the past couple years has used Pigi projectors.  It's unfortunate that they have done this, because the result isn't very interesting, and the film projection is so dim (I would have not likely guessed that I would have written that sentence 10 years ago) that it's really hard to even see.  It actually looks brighter on my little camera than it does in real life:

Here's the projection platform:


They have a bunch of speakers but you could hardly hear anything...  So I got bored after a while and just started fooling around with long exposures on my camera, and made a time lapse...