Circus Knie's Very Cool Indoor Drones by Verity Studios

Screen grab from Circus Knie youtube video

Screen grab from Circus Knie youtube video

I’ve been following the use of drones in live shows since I saw the first Intel drone show at Disney in 2016. When they can be used in a large scale outdoors (which always has airspace issues) the drones have been interesting, but most indoor usage I’ve seen hasn’t been that impressive, because it’s been in a two dimensional proscenium frame.

But I’m a big circus fan, but Todd Robbins posted on FB a video from Swiss Circus Knie that features some very cool drone usage (starting around 1:15:):

The cool thing (at least watching on video) for me is not only the circus element of this usage but also because it fully exploits the 3D nature of the drones and is performed in the round. It turns out the show uses 32 drones from Swiss company Verity, who has done some very cool stuff. I found a couple backstage videos:

I won’t be able to get to Switzerland this year to see this but if anyone does please report back!

City Museum in St. Louis

Well I’m really late to the game but the City Museum is really amazing and incredible. It’s a predecessor to and in the vein of the amazing Meow Wolf and in the spirit of everything that The Vessel should have been but wasn’t. If you’re in St. Louis, you need to spend a few hours here, preferably when schools are not out for spring break as I experienced yesterday. They have adults only times as well which I recommend if you are an adult.

It’s really an inspiring place not only because of the art, but also because of the amount of trust and faith that it places into its attendees. While they clearly have safety in mind, there are many, many points through out this place where people could get hurt if they do something stupid or are not paying attention. So often these kind of places feel sanitized, where every possible risk is removed, so this place is really refreshing.

Also, interestingly—and maybe because it was overrun with spring break kids when I went—but I saw very few people taking selfies, perhaps because they were truly engaged and inspired?

Here’s some cameraphone photos, click any to enlarge.

Interesting (Relatively) Recent Shows: Travis Scott

As part of my sabbatical research, I’ve been digging through a bunch of notes about interesting shows I’ve been collecting, so I thought I’d share a few here.

Travis Scott has some pretty interesting production elements (lasers, video, moving scenery):

I would have thought with all the money they were spending they could have found a better way than a 6’ ladder to get him into the roller coaster

Apparently Tommy Lee of Motley Crue says that Scott ripped off his ideas. He may have a point:

The truss and related gear was apparently supplied by SGPS in LA, who apparently also supplied the Motley Crue tours.

If you see other interesting shows please let me know!

Interesting (Relatively) Recent Show: Justin TImberlake

As part of my sabbatical research, I’ve been digging through a bunch of notes about interesting shows I’ve been collecting, so I thought I’d share a few here. This is pretty cool:

According to an interview in Live Design, lighting designer Nick Whitehouse of Fireplay says

"There’s a moment where he does some choreography with the mic stand during the laser moment," says Whitehouse. "I’m not sure anyone would believe us if we said that was a week and a half’s worth of programming just for a ten second moment. I would say there are 150 cues in that scene."

Also, lasers are definitely popular again