Les Freres Corbusier Dance Dance Revolution

What do the following have in common?

Unicorns, dancing crystals, and Mickey Mouse Disco; Escape From New York, Rollerball, Footloose, and Mad Max;  Tom Cruise's Scientology, Oprah, and psychiatry freak outs; Shakespeare's Saint Crispin's Day speech from Henry V; West Side Story, Broadway musicals, High School Musical and the Rickroll (I think, it went by quickly).

They all work seamlessly together in Dance Dance Revolution, Les Freres Corbusier's awesome, bizzarre, ridiculous, hilarious and downright brilliant new show which I saw last night.  

I won't even attempt a synopsis of the show, but you can see "bios" of the characters here and here's a crappy cameraphone picture:

I've long been a fan of Les Freres' work, and this show did not dissapoint. It's extremely well done in nearly every way, from the extreme, extreme over acting and often (intentionally) ridiculous choreography, to the brilliant and highly derivative (which is a compliment) music from about 20 different genres, including new songs by "serious" theatre composers.

The set by Donyale Werle was excellent (although, boy do I hope they used a lot of flameproofing, with that much plastic on stage surrounded by so much crazy electrical wiring, my friend and I planned out an exit strategy before the show started), the costume design by Emily Rebholz was incredible; lighting by Justin Townsend was great, the sound design by Jeremy Lee was fantastic as always, and video design by Jacob Pinholster was inspired and often hilharious.

Unfortunately, although the show just opened the entire run is sold out.  But this production is sure to extend or transfer somewhere, and last night people on the waiting list were getting in, so it's well worth giving it a shot.  Love it or hate it, you will not soon forget this show.  And, you get a free beer!

There don't seem to be any reviews yet, but there are a couple articles in Playbill and the Village Voice.