The Big E!

The Eastern States Exposition is, effectively, the state fair of New England.  It's been running since 1917, and I haven't been in about 20 years, so I convinced a few friends to go yesterday, and we were all glad we went. 

The Big E features food delicacies:

Yes, it's a bacon cheeseburger on a donut! I didn't eat it, but ate this instead:

Olivera had her first corn dog:

The Big E also features great artwork:

I had to buy this last one (for $4).  Apparently it's from a world with floating killer whales, other moons, and palm trees.

The Big E also features great medical innovations:

Amazing historical and educational displays:

It's an animatronic refrigerator!  (see, some entertainment technology content)

Amazing acts from Alesya Goulevitch:

Duo Voltart:

Neecha Braun's Dobermans:

Electrifying Elayne (a contortionist who shoots a bow with her feet):

And, of course, livestock:

More photos here.