Why the Samsung "Extreme Sheep LED Art" Video is Fake

No doubt you are one of the four million people (as of today) who has seen this video:

It's apparently a viral advertisement by Samsung for their LED TV line, and their tactics were obviously successful since so many people are forwarding this thing around (and I just used their name myself!). I've been amazed at how many people think that some rag tag group of shepherds in Wales were behind this video, and actually arranged sheep on a hillside to create all these amazing patterns, and Googling around I didn't see that anyone had broken it down, so I thought I'd write this up.

Besides the obvious clues ("BaaaStuds" has posted exactly one you tube video, it's sponsored by Samsung, it has very high production values, it has the professionally done "amateur" look, etc etc), there's one key piece of evidence for me. Take a look at the video at 0:31. This is where they supposedly recreate a large graphic of a moving sheep on the hillside by arranging the sheep like individual pixels. The jerky motion immediately looked fake to me, but OK, I thought, give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they really did it but did it as a time lapse using stop motion.  But take another look at the video from 0:31-0:46, but this time watch the clouds

There's a little tiny movement in the clouds at the start, but from then on the whole sky is virtually stationary. I've never been to Wales, but everywhere else on the earth that I've ever been, clouds are rarely stationary for any period of time (and it appears that this is the same situation in Wales, if that's where they shot it: here's a time lapse of moving clouds over Wales ). During all that time that the Baaa Studs are supposedly arranging the sheep on the hillside, the clouds should have at least moved a little bit.  And at the very least, the clouds should changed their rate of movement when the frame rate is obviously accelerated around 0:43.

Secondly, to get all that LED animation done, they would have to shoot some (relatively) pretty long exposure times, and you should see the clouds or planets or the moon or something in there, even at night.  And with moving sheep, at least some "pixels" should have been streaked or blurry.

I love time lapses and shoot a lot of them, like the one below.  Here you can see clouds moving in day and at night.  Obviously, these clouds are over NYC so there is a lot more light pollution but nonetheless you should see something (or a planet, stars, etc in that sheep video).