Flight of the Conchords at Radio City

I saw Flight of the Conchords at Radio City last night, in the second of two sold out shows, and they were amazing! If you haven't seen their HBO show, then you should, since they are hilarious and talented, taking deadpan comedy to new heights (if that's not a metaphorical contradiction). At the end of their first song, Bret knocked over his toy piano, breaking it and sending keys all over the stage, which Jemaine later threw into the audience.

I also discovered that the camera on my G1 Android phone sucks in low light:

Kristen Schaal opened, and she was hilarious.


Googling around I discovered that she has a Vimeo channel.

The sound was great; they used the house Vertec PA which has been dialed in by my friend who is the house sound guy over there.  My only gripe was that they have so much subwoofer power and Kristen Schaal really needed a low cut filter, which the mixer seemed to dial in about halfway through her set.