Mike Daisey's Facebook!

I saw Mike Daisey's Facebook! Monday night at Joe's Pub, and it was great as usual. I've seen a lot of Daisey's work going back to 21 Dog Years in 2001. 

Daisey took the form pioneered in modern times by Spaulding Gray (who I saw perform many times) and turned it into his own, combining incredible personal confessions with insightful commentary on everything, in this show, from Facebook to the movie Young Guns; from Maureen Dowd to Marshall McCluhan. He's also a skeptic and a bit nerdy, and really gets technology and its impact on the culture.

I have two degrees in theatre and yet it took me 15 years to figure out that the shows I enjoy the most (as evidenced by this blog) don't have a fourth wall. Daisey's work is very theatrical, but as an individual directly addressing the audience he works the crowd and feeds off it, creating work that is consistently hilarious and touching.

He's got another show coming up in June, and I highly reccomend it, even though he doesn't know the topic yet.