Stage Technology F:Light

I saw a very interesting item in Live Design for its lighting product of the year, the Stage Technologies F:light. From the F:light website:

F:light is a new product designed to bridge the gap between lighting and automation. Developed by Stage Technologies, arguably the original innovators of automated 3D flying, it allows moving lights to automatically track moving scenery or performers, whilst remaining fully under the lighting designer’s control.

Stage Technologies has long been doing interesting and forward-looking work, and was one of the first to export its positional data for other systems to read.  They did this in a custom way on Cirque du Soleil's Ka, and I have an article which details their approach here.  The F:light data sheet says that the product supports ACN (streaming ACN, I assume) and this is great--in fact, this kind of thing is exactly what I described in my "The ACN Future is Here" article (copy here) back in 2007.

If anyone has any experience with this system (good or bad), please post a comment!