Obamatronics Live

The Hall of Presidents at Disney in Orlando now includes President Obama (as I previously wrote here), and here's two behind the scenes videos. The first is from Disney:

Of course, don't trust the editing and the voice over--when it says "digital audio" they actually show a pretty old ETC lighting console. And the Disney animatronic control system (you can see the animator controlling it--lots of knobs and buttons) is Disney custom and getting a bit old these days--I just got a good look at it when in Orlando for Infocomm (sadly, no pictures allowed backstage).  But the end result of the motion of the figure is pretty incredible.

This second one is from the Whitehouse:

Interesting mic set up, with one shotgun mic and one large diaphram condenser.  I wonder how many different back up systems they had in place--this is a gig you do NOT want to ask for a retake!  And, given everything else on Mr. Obama's plate, I'll forgive him for thinking that Disney have 3D, large scale holograms these days (no one does, as I've writtten about before).

Here's some onsite video of the attraction:

This will definitely be on my list to see during my trip back to Orlando in November for LDI.