Calvin Harris "Humanthesizer"

OK, i can't say I ever heard of Calvin Harris until now, but this has been popping up across the internets: he has produced an interesting video using a "human synthesizer", or "humanthesizer".  And, better yet, it's got attractive girls in bikinis.

The video was apparently put together by the Royal College of Art Industrial Design Engineering program, using Bare Conductive "skin safe conductive ink". Here's a making of video:

According to the video, the sensors are connected to an Arduino, which feeds Max/MSP (probably for MIDI Processing) and then into Ableton Live, which is playing back the sequence.

And,this is most certainly NOT the "first human synthesizer"; there are dozens (hundreds?) of examples of prior art.  I saw Laurie Anderson do stuff like this back in the 80's. In fact, I worked on the projections for her movie, Home of the Brave, which has some very cool stuff, using much cruder technology: