Giant Size Baby Thing!

Animatronic Baby Miguelin is a creation of Isabel Coixet at Expo 2010 Shanghai, in the Spanish Pavlillion:



Photos from the Chinese Government (although no one in China will see this posting since I'm banned there.)

I found this "making of" video for the animatronic baby here

The Google-translated description from the video above says, "Miguelín embodies the dreams of a better future for cities."  Sadly, I guess that means our future will be filled with giant robot babies.

Another making of video here, via io9:

The baby is apparently 6.5 meters tall, and made by Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. in Chatsworth, CA (USA).

This is about the 1000th cool thing I've heard about the Shanghai expo, a trip down there might be in order this summer.

More giant puppet things here.

(p.s. The post title of Giant Sized Baby Thing is a Bow Wow Wow song)