Concrete Blonde at Webster Hall

I went to see Concrete Blonde at Webster Hall last night.  I was always a big fan, but never caught them live "back in the day",  so I thought this would be an interesing bit of nostalgia. 

Instead, it was an absolutely incredible show, led by the amazing Johnette Napolitano.  She is a once powerful and vulnerable, self-effacing and sexy.  I couldn't take my eyes off her.  At 55, she still has her amazing voice, and the crowd (which my friend Nicole pointed out contained an inordinate number of women--I guess Napolitano is a hero to many of them) was incredibly supportive.  The band (featuring original guitarist James Mankey and newish drummer Gabriel Ramirez) were excellent.

It was very dark and I didn't have my D90 but I got a few shots with my P6000 (I guess I have to get a point and shoot that's better in low light):

More photos here.

I saw Peter Wolf at the Bell House a couple weeks ago, and he too was excellent; in fact I think he's improved with age.  I'm also seeing Faith No More and Primus (with Gogol Bordello) later in the summer, and I'm hoping they prove the same thing.

James Mankey