Ringling Brothers Illuscination at Coney Island

I was back in Coney Island for the second time in a weekend last night to see Illuscination, the new Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus show.  This is the second year Ringling is at Coney Island; last year's Boom a Ring was the first Ringling show in a tent since the 1950's.

This is also the second Ringling show in recent years to have magic elements (the other was Zing Zang Zoom); instead of a ringmaster, Illuscination was headed by magician David DaVinci.

Thanks to Wendy Edwards of Feld Entertainment for the backstage tour, and here's some photos of the show:

My favorite acts were those featuring only people or domesticated animals:



It's definitely a solid show and a great value, and runs through early September.  More pictures here.