The Mattituck-Shoreham Biathalon

As I detailed here, last weekend I was part of a group paddling around Long Island, but I had to bail out on the last because of my shoulder surgery.  I wanted to make up at least some of the distance this year, so I suggested a trip to John W, our tireless ground crew chief, who for the trip has only been able to see the Long Island shoreline from land. We concocted a kayaking and biking plan so that we could do the trip with just one car. 

We drove out, dropped my bike at our takeout spot near Shoreham, and then drove to Mattituck and put in there. We paddled about 17.5 miles back to Shoreham and landed in the middle of a wedding party in formal wear (the second time I've done that this season--the last time was on the east river).  Then on the bike I raced the sunset back to Mattituck, which was about 20 miles by road.  I picked up the car, and then drove back to Shoreham to pick up John W. 

This all made for the strangest GPS track I've ever had (biking and kayaking only shown):

The paddle was fun, I even managed to scrape a whole lot of gel coat off the bottom of my boat in a little rock garden:

More photos here.