World Maker Faire NYC

I went today to the first ever Maker Faire(r) in NYC, and it was great! They had a great turn out, and as I've said before, this kind of thing that gives me faith for our future in America: proof that tens of thousands of smart people (and their children) spend their time inventing, exploring, building, and experimenting, and not all the stupid stuff you routinely hear bloviating idiots whine about on cable TV.

Part carnival, part county fair, part high-tech conference, it had something for everyone:

The Life Size Mousestrap was cool:


Cyclecide had some cool stuff:

 Arcattack's MIDI-controlled tesla coil show was cool:


Brooklyn's own Madagascar Institute had a midway with jet-powered rides.

This reminded me of the Survival Research Labs I saw nearby at Shea Stadium in 1988.

And a chariot race!

It was a great event and I hope it comes back next year!  Next time, though, I'm bringing earplugs.  Many more photos here