Occupy Wall Street Protesters in Cadman Plaza Park

The other night, on my way back from visiting the amazing 9/11 memorial (a few photos here), I stopped by the Occupy Wall Street protests to see what was going on (constant video updates from the group here.).  I have to say that while the protesters' goals seems a bit diffuse to me (see the array of the protest causes in the signs in the photo), I'm very happy to see people getting engaged with and angry about what's been going on.

Yesterday, at about 5pm, I was on my way to take the ferry to the "Bring the Light" festival (my writeup and photos here), and I saw a whole bunch of police scooters flying up onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway, and noticed an NYPD helicopter circling.  A few minutes later, I found out what was going on: I saw a large group of the Occupy Wall Street protesters coming down the pedestrian pathway off the bridge and into Cadman Plaza Park.  Apparently, at about 5:15, while I was shooting the pictures below, 700 protesters at the back of the march, who had gotten onto the roadway, were being arrested

A few more pictures here.

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