Bartonsville Covered Bridge Aftermath

I was up in Vermont yesterday and went to check out the site of the Bartonsville covered bridge, which, tragically, collapsed during Hurricane Irene:

According to the town of Rockingham:

The Bartonsville Bridge, built in 1870, and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, was one of three original covered bridges remaining in the Town of Rockingham. At 151 feet, it was the longest in Rockingham. Its single span measured 159 feet between portal overhangs, ranking it second to the longest single timber span in the state. The bridge was finished in 1871 by bridge builder Sanford Granger of Westminster.

Here's what the site looks like today (from the opposite side of the river from the video):

The bridge was insured for $1 million, but apparently that wasn't enough to cover the replacement cost, so they are collecting donations.  I just gave them some money.

A few more pics of my trip here.