Punchdrunk's Sleep No More in NYC

Back in October, 2009, I drove up from Brooklyn to Brookline, MA to see Punchdrunk's amazing production of Sleep No More; my writeup is here.  This amazing company has now brought this incredible show here to NYC; I saw it last Tuesday, and highly recommend seeing it.  

In Brookline, the show was spread out over several expansive floors of an abandonded elementary school; here, the show takes place on the premises of the former nightclub Twilo, and several adjacent floors.  You enter through a darkened maze into a bar space, where you await the calling of your number to enter the main show.  At that point, audience members put on a mask, and I mention it here because if--like me--you wear glasses, the mask is really uncomfortable and limits your vision.  Wear contacts if you can, but make sure that you can see clearly, because the level of detail in this unique, walk-through show is simply stunning.  We saw people rifling through suitcases, opening drawers, reading letters, and not once did I see anything where a corner was cut (no drawers were screwed shut, etc).  I picked up a phone and heard a dial tone, dialed a number and got a ring.  The attention to detail and realism (a sheetrock company is thanked in the program), and the expanse of the attraction is simply amazing.  In addition, Punchdrunk did a very good job of hiding the backstage areas and the technicians.

The plot of the show, if you could call it that, is very similar to the original production--a wordless pantomime of Macbeth.  It's worth reviewing the Macbeth story before you go, but go you should!  Tickets have been selling fast but it seems very likely to me that this amazing show will be extended.  If you still need convincing, more details are on my original writeup from 2009, linked above.