Big Audio Dynamite At Brooklyn Bowl

I last saw BAD back in 1989, and I saw them again last night at the Brooklyn Bowl, and it was a great show.  I've always felt that the best shows are the ones where the performers are clearly having a great time, and Mick Jones had an infectious grin on his face almost the entire show.

Here's a few photos:

More photos here.

p.s.  The Brooklyn Bowl has a good sound system but the worst acoustics of just about any venue in the city--and I don't mean the noise from the bowling alley. There is nothing in the space but hard, reflective surfaces in every direction, which just makes everything echo-ey and adds reverb, which decreases intelligibility and clarity. And what is the standard (and ill-informed) response to low intelligibility?  You guessed it: turn it up! That leads to stage volume escalation, which I detail here, and all that makes the echoes worse and everything loud and then I have to put in my earplugs. 

I love the Brooklyn Bowl venue, and I think it's one of the most professionally-run clubs in the city, but I have yet to see a show there that sounded good. I wished they had hired an acoustician when they were renovating the place.  More of my thoughts on bad sound here.