Power Out In Manhattan After Sandy

I've lived in NYC for 22 years, and have been through several major blizzards, 9/11, two major blackouts, and hurricane Irene, but Sandy has made one of the strangest sights I've ever seen. Tonight, I drove some friends into Manhattan who had three feet of water through their Red Hook apartment, and we saw a darkened lower Manhattan:

It looked like something out of a comic book.

This is 8th street illuminated only by my headlights.:

This is looking north, with the lights of midtown in the distance:

Chinatown, looking towards the lights of Brooklyn

The Manhattan bridge had lights on the Brooklyn side but was dark on the Manhattan side. 

Photos of the aftermath in Coney Island here, and the storm itself here and here.

Note: This site is hosted somewhere in that black void of lower Manhattan, and is being kept alive only by people there valiantly carrying diesel fuel up many flights to a generator (they had a backup capacity of several days with no power but the flooding got to their basement fuel supplies).  So the site might go down at any time.