Rockaways Devastation after Sandy

I checked out Coney Island the other day (photos here), and today I took a run out to one of my other favorite places in the city: The Rockaways.  The devastation was just mind boggling.  Riis Park took some heavy damage:

Almost every street in Belle Harbor had a couple feet of sand on it, and many homes destroyed.

There was a massive fire on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, that has been overshadowed by the tragedy at Breezy Point, several miles away on the same island:

Power's not likely to be back any time soon, this is part of a distribution network:

The boardwalk, for the most part, floated off its pilings and moved inshore:

This is a section of boardwalk a couple hundred yards inland:

Here, two sections of boardwalk floated up and crossed each other in the courtyard of one of the apartment complexes:

Rite Aid was giving out free water:

Rockaway Taco's building exterior survived:

Broad Channel took a beating too:

More pictures from the Rockaways here; pictures and video from the storm here and here; and a darkened Manhattan here.

It's incredibly sad.  I've given money to various organizations, but if I can help anyone out directly, please let me know. I've still got power and feel very lucky.