5 Wits


The Entertainment Designer blog has a nice interview with my friend Matt Duplessie, Founder & CEO of the 5 Wits Companies. 5 Wits makes very cool interactive adventure attractions, which are fun for both old and young alike.  

I first met Matt years ago when he came down to check out the Gravesend Inn, and then when I was in Boston, I checked out his first attraction--Tomb--near Fenway park.  In recent years, they moved out to a complex attached to Foxboro stadium, and this summer I checked out the new location, and I highly recommend seeing the new shows. The attention to detail is incredibly high, the actors do a great job, and it's the kind of fun interactivity that should be far more common.  They even fooled me (which is hard to do) in one effect that I won't give away.  Check it out if you're in the area!