New Jekyll & Hyde Club in Times Square

A week or so ago I  went to the new Jekyll & Hyde Club in Times Square, which is currently in a soft opening mode.  Mike Blasko of WeiglWorks showed me around, and it was fun.  I had been to the old location on 6th avenue, and also their bar downtown, but today's Times Square seems like a more appropriate home.   LifeFormations did the animatronics (and they have a very interesting "Laws of Animatronics" on their website), and Weigl provided 40 "ProCommander" units to control around 30 animatronic special effects, all connected using Ethernet.  All the shows were programmed in VenueMagic, and coordinated by some custom front end software from Weigl.  Many of the characters can be controlled live by a performer.  It's worth a visit if you're in the area; I didn't have my camera that day, so here's some photos from Mike (click for larger images):