Infocomm Las Vegas 2014 Show Control Case Studies and Geekout!

For the last several years, Jim Janninck of Timberspring and I have organized a free-to-all show control case study session followed by a geekout. This year, we’re back in Vegas for Infocomm 2014, and we have what looks to be four really interesting presentations!  

Our host this year will be Tommy Bridges of All Things Integrated, whose owner Bob Athey has graciously offered his facilities and is even supplying drinks, snacks and pizza!

The case studies will be Thursday, June 19th, 2014 from 6-8pm

ATI, 5275 Arville St, Suite 316, Las Vegas NV 89118  (Map here)


At 8:30 after the sessions  we will be playing Mini Golf (and drinking) at:  KISS by Monster Mini Golf 4503 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas NV 89169

Presentation Details/Detailed Schedule

(Presented in order of submission)

6:00pm: Field of Screams, Maryland

“Maryland's #1 multi-haunt featuring 4 terrifying haunted attractions”

“Maryland's #1 multi-haunt featuring 4 terrifying haunted attractions”

Presenters: Don Nolan and Ben Holmes, Venue Magic

A single VenueMagic SC+ installation was used at a central location to control all lighting, audio and effects for a haunted house (21 timelines running 14 zones with 35 lighting channels and 24 audio channels) and a haunted trail (26 timelines running 16 zones with 81 lighting channels and 24 channels of audio). There were also multiple trigger inputs for actors to cue effects.  Project included complete design of sound and lighting effects for each zone.  In addition to lighting, other effects included foggers, electrical spark unit and a CO2 valve (for an exploding caldron, which we also designed and constructed).  A trigger from the fire system stopped the show and raised the lights.

6:20: Questions/Changeover

6:30: Integrated Environmental Media System at Los Angeles Airport

Presenters: Alan Anderson and Stephan Villet, Smart Monkeys

The Integrated Environmental Media System (IEMS) has been designed to create both an unprecedented passenger experience and a new source of non-aeronautical revenues for LAX. The IEMS is supported by a state-of-the-art content delivery system, which blends AV, IT, Broadcast and Control technologies in an unprecedented way. An innovative approach to Show Control deployment is at the heart of this project that has received global attention as the most provocative example of a fully integrated, intelligent media environment.

6:50: Questions/Changeover

7:00: High Roller” Wheel

“Shining bright on the Las Vegas Strip, the 550-foot-tall High Roller is the world's largest observation wheel.”

“Shining bright on the Las Vegas Strip, the 550-foot-tall High Roller is the world's largest observation wheel.”

Presenters: Scott Harkless, Alcorn McBride and Kevin Ruud, Design Horizons

This brand new project posed many challenges for the design team with a system spread over a 550-foot tall wheel and a 30-minute ride. The programming was especially complex with 28 different timelines for the cabins running simultaneously.

7:20: Questions

7:30: End of Session

Updated June 13, 2014: The National Harbor presentation cancelled due to a presenter conflict.

8:30: Geekout at KISS Mini Golf!


Note: I will post any last minute changes to twitter.