My Solo Photo Show In Coney Island Is Open!

I mostly post news about my photography on my portfolio page, but I have a solo show of my Coney Island photos in Coney Island!  The show is now open, and runs through August 26.  The opening reception is July 6.

Because the room in the library is used for outside events, the opening hours are a bit spotty, please check this page for more info.  Here's a video of the photos: Orlando 2017 Show Control Geekout Wrapup!

Jim Janninck's and my annual Geekout during Infocomm this year was the best yet! More than 50 people came and watched four great presentations; and afterwards we joined a Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) mixer just outside the doors.

A very special thanks to Loren Barrows of Alcorn McBride and Eric Cantrell of Medialon/Barco, who sponsored our space and also created the TEA mixer. Eric also brought a Barco Clickshare that saved the presentation from problems in the house video system.  

First up was Mitchell Schuh of Smart Monkeys, who presented "Show Control Pushing IT: A Case Study in Large Show Control Networks for Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi".

Next was Drew Dalzell and Ian Burch of Diablosound presenting Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood


Third was Robert Schoneman of Blumenthal Performing Arts who presented on the one man show Basic Training. 

And finally was Marc Rosenthal of Personal Creations, who presented on his work on the Strike Force at Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park.  

All the presentations were great, and Jim and I extend a special thanks to all the presenters:

I chose two attendees at random and gave away two copies of my book and it ended up Mr. Shoneman and also Gavin Cannan of Rational Acoustics!

We will be looking for presentations again next spring; watch this space and the show control mailing list for more info.

I need your help! Looking for Show Networks and Control Systems Book V1.1 Update Suggestions/Corrections

This summer, I am in the process of doing a ".1" update of my book, Show Networks and Control Systems. I'm not anticipating adding any new chapters, I'm just planning on updating anything that's out of date, fixing typos, replacing photos, putting things into an updated context, etc.  If you have a correction, suggestion, or addition for the update, please fill out the form linked below.  If I implement your correction/suggestion/etc, I will send you an 8 x 10 photo of your choice from my website Everyone who submits will be entered into a drawing for a copy of the updated print edition when it comes out (anticipated Fall, 2017).

Please check the errata page before submitting:   

The form closes on the summer solstice: June 21 2017 at 12:24 am NYC time.

Click here for the submission form!

Storm Chase May-June 2017

I had my last class on May 24 and then immediately headed south for my sister's wedding in Asheville, NC.  That was a great weekend, and since I was so far west, I had planned afterwards to head out for storm chasing.  Although the forecast was pretty marginal, I headed out anyway.  

I ended up driving a total of over 4200 miles, and basically saw a couple rain storms and a little hail.  All my prep worked out great, my car worked great, and even the cell phone signal booster I bought at a Radio Shack closing sale worked great.  I saw everything I could have seen; I did get on several severe thunderstorms and even got on the only tornado warning of the time.  But the problem with storm chasing is that you have to have storms to chase and with the "death ridge" firmly in place, it just wasn't worth it, so last Saturday I started heading home, getting home Monday.  

The sad thing is that this is now my third chase trip in a row where I didn't even see a supercell. I never get lonely when I'm on storms but this was a lonely trip; I have think for the future whether these longer trips are worth it or it's worth instead just saving up money and flying in when things look active. Orlando 2017 Show Control Case Studies and Geekout during Infocomm!

Jim Janninck and I are really excited about the breadth of projects we have for our annual Geekout during Infocomm!

The free and open-to-all event will be at 6:30pm Thursday June 15th, 2017, at Main Event at Pointe Orlando. Google maps says it's a 12 minute walk from the convention center.

June 7 UPDATE: Stick around right after the geekout for a Themed Entertainment Association reception with food, drink and bowling!   

We will start promptly so we can make it to the reception, don't be late!!!

Special thanks to Alcorn McBride and Barco/Medialon for providing the venue!

Here's the talks (in order of submission):

Show Control Pushing IT: A Case Study in Large Show Control Networks for Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi

Presented by: Mitchell Schuh of Smart Monkeys 

Exploring how specific user requirements for show control networks push traditional IT systems in directions that are outside of their traditional use cases. The WB Abu Dhabi project consists of 13 primary edge locations plus a core that are tasked with distributing data in a redundant yet segregated fashion. With over 120 switches, the challenges presented by the client forced specific topologies and architectures that are both not traditional for Show Control but also present specific difficulties for IT systems, mainly latency and long term management.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

Presented by: Drew Dalzell and Ian Burch of Diablosound

Sound, video, and lighting control for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, using Alcorn McBride vCore, Qlab, Brightsign, Martin M5.

Basic Training

Presented by: Robert Schoneman of Blumenthal Performing Arts

In the one man show Basic Training, Kahlil Ashanti plays about 50 different characters. QLab is used to control the light board, sound board and fire all of the sound effects. Once programming and rehearsals were finished, the show was run by the Stage Manager every night with just a GO button. Audio console was a Yamaha O1V, Lighting console was an ETC ION.

Strike Force at Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park

Presented by Marc Rosenthal of Personal Creations

Another chapter in diplomacy wherein the Chinese turn a Russian aircraft carrier into a theme park and bring in Americans to provide the entertainment. Mirage Entertainment’s Strike Force is a water based stunt show with giant flame effects, barrel launches, water canons, falling towers, man on fire burns, pyro, the ship’s massive gun turrets, rocket launchers and anit-aircraft weaponry. Show control system includes safety/ignition feedback, sensors, relay modules, E-Stop, scheduling, audio announcements, timecode, mon storing, deadman switches, interfacing to Chinese built effects and ship control. The system is run using Barco/Medialon Manager.