The Pedestrian Project Returns

Urban Prankster tipped me off to a very cool project by my friend Yvette Helin , part of the Art in Odd Places program -- the return of the Pedestrian Project!

From Yvette's page:

The Pedestrian Project - What is it?

Yvette Helin ’s Pedestrian Project is an ongoing performance work created in New York City in 1990. The project consists of several performers wearing entirely black custom-made costumes that are modeled after the generic graphic images of people used on many types of signage. The Pedestrian characters are silent.

I first met Yvette back in the days of Cucaracha Theatre back in the early 1990's (and met her again a few years ago on a bike tour). 

This should be great, don't miss it!  Saturday, October 4 (2-5pm); 11 (3-6pm); 25 (2-6pm). 14th Street btwn First & Ninth Avenues.