Todd Robbin's New Show--Hoodwinked--Live In Montreal!

OK, if you're in (or can be in) Montreal on July 15th, go see this new show, Hoodwinked.  My friend Todd Robbins is the MC, and it features amazing performers like Banachek. 

From this website (where you can find more details):

Hoodwinked is the first show of its kind. The cast of con men, cheats and swindlers expose the secrets of the streets in a wild night of schemes and scams. Throughout the evening, volunteers from the audience will be invited on-stage to participate in the scams, and at times the entire audience will be conned. The Montreal cast features four of the most renowned international con artists: Bob Arno, Banachek, Todd Robbins and Richard Turner.

I'd go up to see it myself but I'm seeing Spoon that night...