Controlling a GrandMA2 Via TCP and Medialon Manager

As I've written in great detail before, I'm on a quest to rid our Gravesend Inn haunted hotel of all MIDI, serial, and older "legacy" control protocols, and get everything onto our show network.  This year, working with our our lighting designer John Robinson, I got our new GrandMA2 lighting control system onto the network (I previously wrote about the GrandMA2 here).

I wrote a little test program for Medialon Manager; you can download my test program here (and you can get a working demo of Manager here). 

Here's a screen shot of the test program, which I imported into my haunted hotel control software, which you can see in the background:

So far, the whole thing's been working great. With lightning speed over a gigabit network, we're able to fire any cue on any executor on any page nearly instantly using the "goto cue" command; we also are able to grab a channel and control its level (see the slider on the right side of the screen).  John R setup a user named "Medialon" that we use to login.

The Gravesend Inn opens on Thursday, so if you stop by, you can see the system in action for yourself.  We're also running a very interesting psychological research experiment this year too, details here.  Hope to see you there!