Experimental Haunting

For years, I've been talking to Professor Richard Wiseman, the great psychologist, about applying some of his research to the Gravesend Inn, our annual hi-tech haunted hotel. This year, Dr. Toija Riggins and I are extending some of Wiseman's work into a serious, Institutional Review Board-approved psychological research study. In the study, we will be examining emotional reactions to unusual experiences, and specifically investigating phenomena within a space in our school, where, legend has it, unusual things have happened.

Participation in the experiment is a free bonus experience for those over 18 who just went through the Gravesend Inn. The whole process, including the completion of a brief survey, should take less than 1/2 an hour.

We will be offering opportunities to participate from 6-9pm on the following dates:
Friday, October 22, 2010
Saturday October 23, 2010
Friday October 29, 2010
Saturday October 30, 2010

In addition, on Saturday October 30, immediately after the completion of the last study run (approximately 9pm), we will reveal the details of the technology used in the experiment, and do a brief demonstration.  After that time, I will post complete technical details here on the blog, and we will publish the results as soon as Dr. Riggins has time to process the data.

We want as many research subjects as we can get, so please come by and be sure and tell your friends!