A Sound Conversation--World Voice Day at Citytech April 16th

The National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Entertainment Technology Department of NYC College of Technology (City Tech--my department) are presenting a very interesting workshop next Friday, and I am one of the presenters.


April 16th, 2010, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Voorhees Hall, 186 Jay Street, Brooklyn

From the NATS website (directions there too):

Vocal and audio professionals meet to discuss the complexities and demands of their respective fields.  Collaboration between these two disciplines is extremely important to achieve a great result in performance, and this workshop seeks to bring the two disciplines together.

Topics include:

  • How vocal and sound professionals can communicate to serve the needs of the production
  • There is no “Perfect” sound
  • How does live sound happen?
  • How is the singing voice produced?
  • Common sound and vocal issues and how to address them
  • Panel discussion with top tier industry experts from both professions

Panelists/ presenters scheduled to appear:

  • Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn, Director, Doctoral Cohort Program, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Jan Horvath, Adjunct Faculty, CAP 21 Broadway and Off Broadway Performer
  • John Huntington, Professor of Sound and Show Control, NYC College of Technology
  • Abe Jacob, The “Godfather” of Theatre Sound Currently at New York City Opera
  • Andrew Keister, Broadway Sound Designer
  • Gary Mauer, Broadway and National tour Performer
  • Dr. Pamelia Phillips,Professional Program Director, CAP21  
  • Michael Rider, Adjunct Music Theater Voice Faculty, Montclair State University Adjunct Faculty, CAP 21
  • Dr. David B. Smith, Chair, Entertainment Technology, NYC College of Technology
  • Philip “PJ” Volpe, Head of Sound, Metropolitan Opera


Note: (Please pardon any terse postings over the next week or so--home recovering from surgery and it's tedious to type)