Moment Factory's "Winter Sweet" Light Show on Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall

I've been a fan of Montreal's Moment Factory for years (here's my writeup of and videos from their interactive work on the NIN tour from 2008), and over the summer, they created a projection-mapped son et lumière on Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, called Duality. I wasn't able to get there over the summer, but on my way back from Maryland for the holidays last night, I stopped in and saw the new winter show, Winter Sweet.  It was a rainy and cold Christmas Eve, but a few other brave souls and I caught the show:

The projectors are in pretty substantial weatherproof enclosures, and it seems the whole area survived superstorm Sandy very well (my Sandy pictures here).  

Projection mapping to me is sort of a one-trick pony, so it's great that the creators  also incorporated some well-hidden lighting, which you can see up-lighting the arches here:

I also commend the creators for spending some money on a good sound system!  Often, on these sound and light shows, the sound gets short shrift, but here they used a high-quality surround system, and used it well.  

Moment Factory has a "making of" video too:

I've yet to find any sort of dedicated website for the show (which is unfortunate), so you have to dig through AC's general tourist site. As of today, this link has details on the show.  But if you're in AC, it's definitely worth checking out.