A Few Blog Changes for the New Year/New Facebook Photography Page


I've had a website since the mid 1990's.  The original site featured information about my book, and also informational links to companies, standards organizations, and even fun websites. By 2008, when I started writing this blog, "Googling" had become a verb, so I phased out all those links and other information. All along, I've been writing informational and opinion pieces like my multi part series on tragic weather related show disasters, my recent piece on the possible future for AVB (which has had thousands of hits in recent months), and my most popular post of all time--a post I wrote in 15 minutes debunking a viral video: Baaastuds Extreme Sheep LED Art


I had been on Facebook since 2006, but when I started here in 2008, Facebook hadn't reached critical mass amongst my friends, so here on the blog I was posting funny videos, news stories, etc, but in 2009, I moved all that stuff onto my personal Facebook timeline.  Also around that time I bought my first DSLR camera and rekindled my interest in photography, so I started posting a lot of photos here. Some were just pretty landscape photos, some the results of storm chasing, others were pictures of friends' bands. Squarespace (my hosting company) does a great job displaying photos, but the photos I posted directly on Facebook got a lot more engagement.  So, late last year, I started a public Facebook John Huntington Photography page, where I've been posting things like the photos you see on this post (of Guns N' Hoses and Girls Girls Girls, two all-female heavy metal tribute bands, or a Rockaway beach sunset (below)).

I definitely enjoy writing this blog, and will continue to do so, but going forward it will re-focus more on entertainment technology issues (which is why it was titled Controlgeek in the first place), with the occasional storm chase report, time lapse video, or other item that I want to be openly searchable, completely public, and on a platform over which I have a degree of control. So if you like my photography, please head over to my John Huntington Photography Facebook page and like it by clicking the like button below!  Or, if you don't want to fall into the time suck of Facebook, you can just view the page without joining Facebook.