Carson & Barnes Circus Tent Opening In Strong Winds

I've worked in show business for 30+ years and have "The show must go on" in my blood.  But there are times when the show at least should be delayed. Here's an example apparently from the 7:30 show in Angleton, TX at the Carson & Barnes Circus from "Laura Cucagirl Solis" on Facebook:

Well so much for having a good time at the circus ... the whole tent started collapsing here is a video of what I caught

Posted by Laura Cudagirl Solis on Friday, April 17, 2015

Thankfully, according to a local media report, no one was injured, but severe weather was predicted for the Angleton area yesterday, and in fact there's reports of pretty significant hail from the SPC, including this one that (if I'm doing the UTC time conversion right) was 10 minutes after the show start time:


Apparently the tent structure survived fine, but this was certainly a scary event for the audience, and it seems to me that the ringmaster should have held the show, addressed the issue, and initiated a pre-determined action plan.  I was nervous too with an acrobat in the air when the tent structure was most certainly moving a lot and rain was entering the tent.

I've written a so many blog posts about severe weather and show safety that I have a whole category on them (click here to see). 

Chasing Ice and Snow In New York City

For a storm chaser, winter can be frustrating. This winter, I've been making the best of it and have been out chasing ice and snow in the outer boroughs whenever possible.  

Yesterday at sunset on Jamaica Bay in the Rockaways was a scene seemingly from the arctic:

Further east, you can see the bay frozen, with a channel cut for barge access to JFK airport:

And back at the head of the bay, it's frozen solid (JFK channel in the distance):

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge had ice flowing out under it yesterday with the tide:

Friday further up the East River, there was lots of pancake ice in the Brooklyn Bridge Park embayments:


Further up under the Brooklyn Bridge:

Still further up the East River back on January 31, I caught the FDNY fireboat Fire Fighter II at work on the Williamsburg warehouse fire:

And back on January 26, I was out in Coney Island for the big snowstorm bust:


And back on January 9th I caught a sunset in Coney Island after the snow:

And of course I covered the Idiotarod, full post here.

I posted most of these photos on my Instagram feed, be sure and follow me there, and for my full "best of" storm chasing photo gallery, see my portfolio site at (prints available there).

Severe Storm Cancelled Rick Springfield Concert in Montana

Rick Springfield was scheduled to play the Fallon County Fair in Montana on August 16, but his gear was damaged by a storm and he was not able to perform.

At least (apparently) no one was hurt:

(Facebook post embedded above, if that doesn't work try this link).

Oh and there were no reports of tornadoes yesterday in Montana on the 16th, but this certainly was a strong storm, and the SPC shows a report of a wedding tent blown down, also in Fallon, MT (blue dot up by Montana/ND/SD border).

There have been so many of these events that I have a whole category of posts here.